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Oughterard Signpost Magnet

Oughterard (Irish: Uachtar Ard) is a small town on the banks of the Owenriff River close to the western shore of Lough Corrib in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.

Oughterard is the home of Keoghs Irish Gifts’ brick-and-mortar store John P. Keogh & Sons!

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”The town is filled with history, outdoor activities, and plenty of places for sightseeing and walking. Being on the shores of a lake, the town is also a big fishing centre, especially for trout angling.

Places of interest in the proximity of the town include The Aughnanure Castle, Ross Castle, and The ‘Quiet Man Bridge’ – the setting of the movie ‘The Quiet Man’.

Connemara’s scenery has inspired films from Tristan and Isolde to The Field. The most famous film is Oscar-winner ‘The Quiet Man’ (1952). It starts with an Irish-American boxer, played by John Wayne, sitting on the bridge recalling his dead mother describing his childhood. He decides to buy her home, White O’ Morn cottage. The ensuing plot has all the ingredients of Hollywood – romance, a dispute over money, fisticuffs, and a happy ending. With its shots of lush countryside and quaint Irish characters, ‘The Quiet Man’ gave a huge boost to Irish tourism. White O’ Morn is now a ruin, many stones have been removed by movie fans.

Cannon Ball is another local legend. He was a legendary Connemara pony. He earned his keep by siring foals as he and his master rode to market. He once raced the famously slow train from Outgherard to nearly An Léim (known in English as Leam) where he waited until the train passed. Spot the remains of the railway travels on your pass”.

A beautiful souvenir to remind you of this lovely Connemara village.

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Dimensions of the magnet: 1.1” x 4” (3cm x 10cm)



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